Gloria Noble is a graduate student in the political science department at the University of Oklahoma. Gloria has written for The Huffington Post during the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle, Heartland College Sports as an opinion writer, and The Oklahoma Daily as a Life and Arts reporter. She has overseen, managed and published content to OUNightly.com, as its senior web editor. She also was the managing editor for OKroutes.com, a series of Oklahoma-based stories produced at the University of Oklahoma.

I traveled to Iowa, Washington D.C, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. I attended both national conventions and spent three weeks in Iowa during caucus time.

In-depth, on-the-ground coverage led me to my current state— as a political science graduate student. I hope to finish my degree and enter the journalism field as a knowledgeable political reporter that can return to a neutral zone without partisan biases noticed in news coverage today. Although it sounds difficult, it is at the root of journalism’s nature to remain neutral and I hope to be a new generation that seeks to return it to its natural order.

I am particularly interested in expanding my research areas. Although I have yet to find a passion for a specific research topic, I very much enjoy spending time crunching numbers and learning about a variety of issues. I hope to use this expansive opportunity for research to find a niche within journalism if that truly is the path that I follow after I conclude graduate school.

During the summer, I hope to use the time to be exposed to many different aspects of the political world. As a student, I am exposed to theories and successful exercises for implementation and advocacy, but I have yet to practice these things myself. I hope to use a hands-on approach to utilize what I have learned in the classroom.

As a graduate student, my main focuses are American Politics and Public Policy. I hope to use any opportunity to become a niche reporter. It is also possible that this opportunity will lead me in a different direction during my time as a graduate student. I have plenty of media practice, and this practice opens many opportunities for myself within the public policy advocacy realm. I hope to use all that I have learned to continue to learn within politics.

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